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Make 2014 the Year of Passion!

If 2013 was the year of mediocrity for you, then it’s time to take the reins on your life and make 2014 the year of passion! What do I know about this? Well, four years ago, I was stuck in a mediocrity rut.  Life was good, but it was just…ho hum. I had gotten caught... Read more »

Where Do You Want to Be Five Years From Now?

“Where do you want to be five years from now?” I directed that question at Keith St. Onge three years ago. We were sitting in a boat on Lake Conine down in Winter Haven, Florida, waiting for another skier to get ready to hit the water. Keith was the two-time World Barefoot Champion; I was... Read more »

Passion Will Push You Above and Beyond

I spent last week down in Texas skiing in the Barefoot Nationals.  I took up competition for the first time last year and this was my second Nationals tournament.  The local news station came by to capture the story of how I unwrapped my passion after two decades of burying it: Deaf Barefoot Water Skier... Read more »

Kimanzi Constable, From Deliveryman to International Speaker

For twelve long years, Kimanzi Constable delivered bread at 2 a.m.  It was a job which paid well enough to support his wife and three kids.  He certainly wasn’t passionate about the work or the hours, but without a college degree, he figured he was doing pretty good for his situation.  Still, deep down, there... Read more »

Do You Dread Mondays?

Karen Putz and Dan Miller   If you wake up on Monday mornings, muttering to yourself, “I hate Mondays,” you’re not alone.  Judging from the tweets on Monday mornings, a lot folks are dragging themselves to work. “Experts estimate that as many as 70% of American workers are unhappy with their jobs,” says Dan Miller,... Read more »

Joel Boggess: Leaving a Corporate Job to Embrace His Passion

  Every morning, Joel Boggess woke up before his wife and put on his suit and tie.  He spent the day in long meetings at Morgan Stanley, wheeling and dealing in investments. He spent long evenings networking.  When he arrived home, he didn’t have much left in him.  His wife was last on the daily... Read more »

Are You Growing Bolder?

I was deep into writing one night and went to search for some information on Banana George for a book that I’m working on.  I came across a website that I had never seen before: Growing Bolder. At first glance, it seemed to be a website geared toward… older… folks.  Baby boomers.  Folks who are... Read more »