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Patience, Persistence and Perseverance

  Patience,  persistence and perseverance.  How often do you see all three of those in action? Joann O’Connor is 62 years old, but you’d never guess it.  She’s legendary on Lake Lucerne up in Crandon, Wisconsin: she’s known for water skiing up and down the lake– on her bare feet.    Joann was the first woman to... Read more »

I Love You, Mom, and That's No B.S.

  I almost lost my Mom eighteen years ago.  In the middle of having a heart attack, she drove herself to the doctor’s office and waited patiently as he called an ambulance. During her stay in the hospital, she survived two more heart attacks.  As soon as she was released, she got down to business–... Read more »

Meeting Chad Hymas

I was doing a search on Twitter for people with disabilities when the name, @chadlhymas came up.  At the age of 27, Chad Hymas’ life took an unexpected path when a bale of hay fell on him and broke his neck.  A year and half later, Chad broke a world record by wheeling from Utah to Las... Read more »

Getting New Hearing Aids

Getting fitted for new Phonak hearing aids The old hearing aids that I had for the last several years just weren’t cutting it anymore.  On one ear, I was sporting a hearing aid with a missing battery cover. Every now and then during a volleyball game, we would have to stop the game and search... Read more »

A Tweet Leads to Deepak Chopra

“How many of you are here as a result from a tweet on Twitter?”  Deepak Chopra asked the audience at the Kellogg School of Management during his “Soul of Leadership” presentation. A couple of hands went up, including mine. Earlier in the week, Deepak sent out a tweet giving away reserved seats to his presentation.... Read more »

You're Deaf? How Do You Use the Phone?

The question always comes up whenever I meet people for the first time and we exchange business cards.  “Call me,” I say.  There’s always a pause.  “If you’re deaf, how do you use the phone,” the brave ones ask. I don’t use a regular phone at my desk, I use a videophone from ZVRS.com, a... Read more »

Dave Savini Emcees Equip for Equality Event

Dave Savini Emcees Equip for Equality Event
On November 16, I attended the Equip for Equality “Evening for Equality” at the Chicago Renaissance Hotel with the Abou Ezzi family.  Equip for Equality is a non-profit organization which advocates for the civil and legal rights of people with disabilities.  Dave Savini, an investigative reporter from CBS Channel Two News, was the emcee.  “I... Read more »

Barefooting on Cedar Lake

Dan Tanis at Footstock “Footin’ fool female…” the message from Dan Tanis began.  I had no clue who Dan Tanis was when he reached out on Facebook, but the rest of his message made me smile at how we ended up connected. I had posted a picture that I took at a recent Footstock barefoot... Read more »