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Steve Olsher: Discover Your 'What'

Five years ago, Steve Olsher received a “wake up call.”  He was sitting at his step-father’s bedside, holding his hand during his final breaths. Steve’s thought’s turned to funerals. Not just his step-father’s upcoming funeral, but his own. What would his family, friends and colleagues say about his life,  he wondered.  How was he going... Read more »

A ChicagoNow Post on Harry Styles Ends Up in M Magazine

Despite being deaf, I could hear my daughter’s scream as she showed me a screen shot a friend had sent her.  “Mom! I’m in ‘M’ magazine!” A few weeks ago, my daughter and her friend attended the One Direction concert in Tinley Park.  They originally had seats in the fourth row, but the management moved... Read more »

Signing With Harry Styles at the One Direction Concert

This is a guest post from my daughter, Lauren Putz,  and her friend, Lauren Holtz:  Lauren Holtz and Lauren Putz We’d been waiting for more than a year since we’d bought our tickets for the One Direction concert. As we are both deaf and speak American Sign Language (ASL) fluently, we knew we wanted to... Read more »

Harry Styles Signs to Deaf Fans at the One Direction Concert

“Mom, Harry Styles signed to us at the One Direction concert!”  My daughter picked me up from the airport and couldn’t wait to tell me about the concert.  Her face glowed and she trembled with excitement.  For over a year, Lauren and her friend, Lauren Holtz, waited for this special night.  The tickets were bought,... Read more »

Spring, Please Come and Stay

It’s been a long, long, long winter.  Here we are at the end of March and spring has yet to come out of hiding.  My mind and my body are weary of the cold. Day after day, I find myself begging, cajoling and pleading for spring to arrive… and stay. I know I’m not alone in... Read more »

Tailgating at the Cubs vs. Brewers Game

  Eleven of us took off from Chicago and drove up to Miller Park for our first tailgating experience at the Cubs vs. Brewers game.  We thought we were pretty prepared.  We had spent the week before organizing the event and we made sure we had plenty of food and drinks. It was a beautiful,... Read more »