Steve Olsher: Discover Your 'What'

Five years ago, Steve Olsher received a “wake up call.”  He was sitting at his step-father’s bedside, holding his hand during his final breaths. Steve’s thought’s turned to funerals. Not just his step-father’s upcoming funeral, but his own. What would his family, friends and colleagues say about his life,  he wondered.  How was he going... Read more »

How to Change the World, A Fitting Tribute to 9/11

Twelve years ago, I sat transfixed to the TV, crying all day long. My kids were 4, 6, and 8– and I wondered what kind of world they would have ahead of them. I’ve since learned we create our own world with every act of kindness and every loving thought. It’s quite simple, really. Begin... Read more »

A ChicagoNow Post on Harry Styles Ends Up in M Magazine

Despite being deaf, I could hear my daughter’s scream as she showed me a screen shot a friend had sent her.  “Mom! I’m in ‘M’ magazine!” A few weeks ago, my daughter and her friend attended the One Direction concert in Tinley Park.  They originally had seats in the fourth row, but the management moved... Read more »

Lynn Huber: Creating a Career Out of Network Marketing

With my own foray into network marketing, I’ve been fortunate to cross paths with some amazing people. Lynn Huber is one of them.  Our love for SendOutCards had us crossing paths online.  Her posts caught my eye on Facebook–every day, she posts something uplifting and frequently provides something of value in everything she does.  I... Read more »

Saying Goodbye to Childhood

  My daughter recently cleaned out her room and ended up with a few bags of stuff to give away, sell or toss out.  One of the bags contained her Bratz dolls and all the accessories.  While she was out hanging with her cousins yesterday, I sat down to sort through the dolls and get... Read more »

Parenting Teens: It's Hard to Let Go

Whenever I tell someone I have three teenagers, I usually get one of those “oh-my-gawd-that’s-the-hardest-time-of-parenthood” looks.  It’s usually followed by horror stories if they’ve already been down that path. For the most part, I’ve been blessed with three teens who haven’t given me too much trouble.  For me, the hardest part of this motherhood-of-teens stuff... Read more »

Signing With Harry Styles at the One Direction Concert

This is a guest post from my daughter, Lauren Putz,  and her friend, Lauren Holtz:  Lauren Holtz and Lauren Putz We’d been waiting for more than a year since we’d bought our tickets for the One Direction concert. As we are both deaf and speak American Sign Language (ASL) fluently, we knew we wanted to... Read more »

Harry Styles Signs to Deaf Fans at the One Direction Concert

“Mom, Harry Styles signed to us at the One Direction concert!”  My daughter picked me up from the airport and couldn’t wait to tell me about the concert.  Her face glowed and she trembled with excitement.  For over a year, Lauren and her friend, Lauren Holtz, waited for this special night.  The tickets were bought,... Read more »

I Want Your Life!

I ran into an old friend at a graduation party and we played catch up.  Actually, I played catch up, my friend already knew everything about me.  “I read every post you put up on Facebook,” he said. “You’re always traveling somewhere speaking, writing or barefoot water skiing. You always look like you’re having fun. I’m jealous–... Read more »

Are You Sucking the Life Out of Everyone?

Energy Vampires.   Are you one of them? I first learned the term in Judith Orloff’s book, Positive Energy.  Simply put, a person who is an Energy Vampire saps our exuberance.   “Each millisecond of our relationships is governed by a give and take of energy,” Judith wrote.  “Some people make us more electric or at... Read more »