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In the Busyness of Life, Sometimes You Just Need to Walk Away

You’re having one of those days. Everything’s coming at you all at once.  Paperwork is piling up.  Emails are screaming to be answered.  Phone messages have yet to be returned. Contracts have to be signed and shipped off in the mail. The family room is in desperate need of a couple runs with the vacuum... Read more »

Joel Boggess: Leaving a Corporate Job to Embrace His Passion

  Every morning, Joel Boggess woke up before his wife and put on his suit and tie.  He spent the day in long meetings at Morgan Stanley, wheeling and dealing in investments. He spent long evenings networking.  When he arrived home, he didn’t have much left in him.  His wife was last on the daily... Read more »

Leslie Goldman: Freelance Writer Lands on the Today Show

A typical morning for Leslie Goldman finds her in front of her laptop writing away at eight a.m.  Three days a week, she works from home, twice a week she heads to the local coffee shop where she indulges in some liquid refreshment to keep her going.  She’s either pitching a story, meeting a deadline... Read more »

There's No Snow Day When You Work From Home

My kids are so excited about the upcoming snow day tomorrow.  For them, it means a day of lounging around and watching one meaningless TV show after another.  They plan to bake some cookies and perhaps play a few games.  I’ve got some cleaning chores for them to tackle and the middle kid has a... Read more »