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A Whack on the Head

Yesterday was just one of those freak things. I was attempting to barefoot water ski on one foot and tripped.  I took a nice little tumble on the water and rolled to a stop.  “Wow, that was a heck of a fall,” I said to myself.  I rubbed my head and shrugged it off. As... Read more »

A Week of Barefooting Just for Women

In three weeks, the World Barefoot Center will host the second annual Women’s Barefoot Week.  I’ll be down in Winter Haven, Florida for this event on October 29 to November 6th.  If you’re a gal who loves water sports and have always been curious about learning to barefoot water ski, then this is the week... Read more »

Remarkable Customer Service at the Marriott

“How are you this morning?” the smiling breakfast attendant asked.  “Would you like a glass for your tomato juice?” It didn’t even occur to me that I might prefer to drink out of a glass instead of the cold aluminum can, but yes, I would appreciate a glass.  She quickly returned with a glass and... Read more »

Keith St. Onge, Barefooting Across America

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to water ski on your bare feet, this is the summer to do it!Two-time World Barefoot Champion, Keith St. Onge is doing a “Barefooting Across America” tour with clinics in many cities.  Keith and his fiance, Lauren Lindeman, have been on the road since May.  They are sharing... Read more »

Oak Cove Resort-- Get Away, Get in Touch Again

You’re stressed. Overworked.  Life is moving faster than a speeding bullet.  Where can you go to slow down and unwind–far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life?  I know just the place.  Oak Cove Resort is a 1910 resort nestled on the banks of beautiful Lake Cora, located two hours away from Chicago. ... Read more »

Making the World a Better Place: Discovering Deaf Worlds

Imagine what life is like as a deaf person in a developing country like Nepal, India, or Tanzania. Davin Searls and David Justice of Discovering Deaf Worlds have committed their lives to finding out!  In addition, they are working to support local grassroots leaders and organizations that are making the world a better place for... Read more »

Barefooting on Cedar Lake

Dan Tanis at Footstock “Footin’ fool female…” the message from Dan Tanis began.  I had no clue who Dan Tanis was when he reached out on Facebook, but the rest of his message made me smile at how we ended up connected. I had posted a picture that I took at a recent Footstock barefoot... Read more »

Walking the Garden of the Gods in Silence

The beauty was breathtaking. Our busload of Association of Late-Deafened Adults arrived at the Garden of the Gods and we scrambled down the stairs to grab our 45 minutes of nature.  I walked with Tina Childress, a friend of mine from Illinois.  Tina and I served together on the board of lllinois Hands & Voices... Read more »