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Jeff Ferreira: Go Big or Go Home

Go big!
Jeff Ferreira lives his life by this simple motto:  “Go big, or go home.”  At the age of sixteen, Jeff nearly lost his life as a passenger in a car accident.  The car he was riding in rolled over nine times, skidding 602 feet before coming to an abrupt stop on the other side of... Read more »

Lauren Lindeman, Show Skier and Barefoot Water Skier

Eight-year-old Lauren Lindeman barefoot water skiing   Lauren Lindeman (Willowbrook, IL/ Winter Haven, FL) started out water skiing at three-and-half years old, hanging on to the boom with her older sister skiing behind her on Lake Chetek in Wisconsin.  “I don’t remember being scared or anything,” said Lauren.  “My entire family water skied, so I learned... Read more »

Bikram Yoga Naperville-- Yoga in a 105 Degree Room

Conrad Gacki maintains a pose during a Bikram Yoga class. My first introduction to Bikram Yoga was back in January at a studio in Orlando, Florida. The two-time World Barefoot Champion, Keith St. Onge suggested Bikram Yoga as way for me to jump start my weight loss progress after a long plateau.  Five minutes into... Read more »

You Can't Move Forward Until You Move Through Your Fear

I woke up this morning thinking about fears. A teacher came up to me yesterday at a booth that I was working at and asked me a question.  It’s a question that has popped up often in the last year:  “Aren’t you afraid you’re going to lose the little bit of hearing that you have... Read more »

The Dog Behind the Doritos Pug Attack Commercial

Joann O’Connor sat glued to the TV during the Super Bowl.  Not only is the Wisconsin resident a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, but she was looking forward to watching the Doritos “Pug Attack” commercial.   Oko No No, the affable pug, belongs to her son Scott, who is an artist.  Joann’s daughter-in-law, Julieanne, (married to Scott’s... Read more »

Dave Ramsey Show Co-Workers Lose 150 Pounds

Kristi McNaron works in the Customer Care department of Lampo Group, a company owned by Dave Ramsey, a best selling author and host of The Dave Ramsey Show.  She fields incoming calls and emails from people who have financial questions and provides resources and referrals. Every year, Dave challenges his Lampo Group team to a... Read more »

I'll Be the Only Chicagoan Not Watching the Bears

  I used to be a Bears fan. Many moons ago, when I was a young college student in love with a guy who adored football, I used to sit through hours of football games.  I don’t know if football rubbed off on me by osmosis or if I truly enjoyed the game, but I’m... Read more »

Are You Growing Bolder?

I was deep into writing one night and went to search for some information on Banana George for a book that I’m working on.  I came across a website that I had never seen before: Growing Bolder. At first glance, it seemed to be a website geared toward… older… folks.  Baby boomers.  Folks who are... Read more »

Bass University Comes to Chicago

Bass University Comes to Chicago
It is that time of the year when it’s a little too cold to sit in the boat and fish, yet not cold enough to get the auger out for ice fishing.  So what’s a fisherman to do?  Head over to Bass University on Saturday, December 4th and Sunday, December 5th at the Marriott Chicago... Read more »

Women's Week at the World Barefoot Center

Women's Week at the World Barefoot Center
Way back in March of this year, Judy Myers announced that she was going to organize a Women’s Barefoot Week at the World Barefoot Center.  “The sport is dominated by men,” said 67-year-old Judy.  “We never do anything for the women, so this year, we are devoting a whole week just for the gals.” The... Read more »