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A Ghostly Encounter?

The hubby and I took a trip down to Jacksonville, Illinois over the weekend to watch our kids compete in the Academic Bowl.  We bunked at our friend’s house–a beautiful mid-size house which was built in 1909. The moment I walked in, I felt like I was transported back in time. Tami and her husband,... Read more »

How to Know if You Have Attention Deficit Dis --Oh, Look, A Bird!

I came across this photo circulating around Facebook earlier in the week and it cracked me up because it’s so “me.”   All of my life, I’ve had a mind that spins at 10,000 rpms and it’s always been a constant battle to stay focused. I grew up hard of hearing, so I always figured... Read more »

How to Live Beyond Rich and Awesome

  When I first “bumped” into Jen McDonough on the 48 Days Forum, I could feel her energy leap right through the computer screen.  It’s hard to believe this gal used to be a sedentary couch potato, because she’s completed an Ironman and marathon.  She turned her experience into a book, Living Beyond Awesome, in... Read more »

Randy Gage: Risky is the New Safe

Go ahead and sit down in your nice, comfortable recliner before opening the pages of Risky is the New Safe by Randy Gage.  Make sure you have some food and drink within reach. Pretty soon, you’re going to be shifting uncomfortably in that chair, but you’re guaranteed to stay glued to the pages until the... Read more »

Wisdom Meets Passion: Having a Life Full of Meaning and Purpose

  Dan  Miller and Jared Angaza have teamed up to share their views on wisdom and passion in their book, “Wisdom Meets Passion.”  I met the father/son duo in the spring of this year during a Coaching with Excellence program. I absolutely love Dan’s other books, “No More Dreaded Mondays” and “48 Days to the... Read more »

Jeff David, Finding His True Calling

  Jeff David uncovered his passion for cooking during a mission trip to the Philippines as a young adult.  He was fascinated at the 16 different kinds of rice he found on the open markets and he enjoyed the different flavors he savored from a very different culture.  At the end of his trip, he... Read more »

A Cop, A Realtor, and a Deaf Girl Get Into a Boat

A cop, a realtor, and a deaf girl get into a boat… Sounds like the start of a bad joke, doesn’t it? It sounded like a nightmare to my husband when I first told him I was going barefoot water skiing last September with two guys I had never met.  The cop had reached out... Read more »

Surviving the Summer with Teenagers

Ten teens at the lake for five days. It wasn’t exactly planned.  The oldest kiddo invited some deaf friends.  And then a few more.  And three girlfriends showed up.  Plus two cousins.  And that’s how we ended up with ten teenagers along with seven adults– a full house. We have a little tray in a... Read more »

Tate Tullier: A Passion for Photography

Tate Tullier remembers his first photo shoot very well. As a teen he was fascinated with girls and fashion. One Christmas morning, he dolled up his young cousin with his mom’s earrings and an umbrella and proceeded with a fashion shoot.  He grabbed another young family friend in her Christmas pajamas and snapped away.  “You... Read more »

Patrick Wehner: Living With ALS

“You need to get a check up,” Patrick Wehner’s mom told him one day. “Sometimes you speak like you’re drunk.” This was the prompting which finally propelled Patrick to make an appointment with the doctor. He had noticed some symptoms for months; something wasn’t quite right. An avid athlete who practiced judo and mountain biking,... Read more »