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Joel Barish: No Barriers for this Deaf Guy

A huge map of the world hangs on one wall in Joel Barish’s office.  Joel and his brother, Jed, have made a career out of traveling around the globe capturing the stories of deaf and hard of hearing folks from all walks of life.  They are best known for running DeafNation, a series of trade... Read more »

Deborah Gilboa: From Stage Manager to Doctor

I absolutely love meeting new folks via social media and when Deborah Gilboa (@AskDocG) crossed my Twitter stream, I wanted to find out more about her.  After we hung up our phone chat, I sat back in awe.  If there was ever a real-life Superwoman, I have found her.  I’m convinced of it.  Family doctor. ... Read more »

Adam Fitzgerald: Pushing the Limits with Ultramarathons

Meet Adam Fitzgerald:  husband, father, minister and endurance athlete.  Back in 1968, Adam weighed a mere three pounds at birth.  Five months later, he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.  The prognosis was poor; doctors told his parents that he might not develop speech or the ability to walk.... Read more »

Maggi Summerhill-- Her World Went Silent

Maggi Summerhill began losing her hearing in her right ear when she was ten years old after a bout with meningitis.  She began wearing two hearing aids to help her locate sound, but once she was exposed to teasing and some hitting from her classmates, she quickly ditched the hearing aids.  She found that she... Read more »

Eva Longoria, Marlee Matlin, Felicity Huffman and Ken Paves at GLAD

The House of Blues in LA was rocking on Sunday night for a fundraising benefit for the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness. It was a star-studded event with Eva Longoria and Felicity Huffman from Desperate Housewives, celebrity hairstylist, Ken Paves, Celebrity Apprentice finalist, Marlee Matlin, Kim Kardashian, and the cast from ABC Family’s Switched... Read more »

Stephen Hopson, Obstacles Are Just Illusions

Shortly after leaving a lucrative career as a Wall Street stockbroker, Stephen Hopson found himself in a coffee shop day after day, writing a series of stories about his life in a notebook.  He submitted one of the stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul and to his surprise, his story was published. He submitted... Read more »

Finding a New Sisterhood

There’s something about connecting with a group of like-minded women that’s good for the soul. Earlier this month, I gave a presentation, “Unwrapping Your Passion,” at the Global Deaf Women retreat in Washington, D.C. This intimate retreat was the first of its kind for me– I had attended many workshops and conferences, but never a... Read more »

I Love You, Mom, and That's No B.S.

  I almost lost my Mom eighteen years ago.  In the middle of having a heart attack, she drove herself to the doctor’s office and waited patiently as he called an ambulance. During her stay in the hospital, she survived two more heart attacks.  As soon as she was released, she got down to business–... Read more »

The Hot Mommas Project Award

“As we’re getting into the weekend here I want to personally congratulate you on your win,” the letter from Kathy Korman Frey said. A couple of months ago, I submitted a case study at the Hot Mommas Project.  With the deadline near, I didn’t have much time to write, so I just wrote from the... Read more »

It's Not What You Can Hear, It's About Attitude

My friend, Lori Krakora, directed me to an article about Jillian Szenderski, a little girl in Florida with cochlear implants:  Born Deaf, A Pinella’s County Girl Starts School and Hears the School Bell.  The short article celebrates Jillian’s progression of speech and her ability to hear sounds through her cochlear implant. The statement that caught... Read more »