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The Uproar Over a Fake Sign Language Interpreter

“Ha oun i ie i no e ere ac a e hae ie. I s ha ieece e ha mae o he lies o oer at ill deerie he iifiace o e ife e ea.” — Nelson Mandela A little frustrating to not know what this sentence reads, isn’t it?  Welcome to my deaf life.... Read more »

How Writing on the Bedroom Walls Led to a One Direction Music Video

“Mom, can I write on my walls?” When my teenage daughter asked me that question, I had to probe further.  “What do you plan on writing on the walls?” I asked. In the previous years, Lauren had requested permission for many different ways of expressing herself. Multiple ear piercings. Belly button piercing. Tattoos. I suddenly... Read more »

Deaf Teens Sign "I Would" for the One Direction 1D Day Music Video

    Can deaf kids enjoy music? That’s a question I often get from parents of newly-identified deaf and hard of hearing babies.  In a nutshell, the answer is “yes.”  In fact, this week, XXL and SPIN produced a story about deaf musicians: Hearing Impaired Rappers on the Rise. My own three kids have varying... Read more »

Parenting Teens: It's Hard to Let Go

Whenever I tell someone I have three teenagers, I usually get one of those “oh-my-gawd-that’s-the-hardest-time-of-parenthood” looks.  It’s usually followed by horror stories if they’ve already been down that path. For the most part, I’ve been blessed with three teens who haven’t given me too much trouble.  For me, the hardest part of this motherhood-of-teens stuff... Read more »

Signing With Harry Styles at the One Direction Concert

This is a guest post from my daughter, Lauren Putz,  and her friend, Lauren Holtz:  Lauren Holtz and Lauren Putz We’d been waiting for more than a year since we’d bought our tickets for the One Direction concert. As we are both deaf and speak American Sign Language (ASL) fluently, we knew we wanted to... Read more »

Harry Styles Signs to Deaf Fans at the One Direction Concert

“Mom, Harry Styles signed to us at the One Direction concert!”  My daughter picked me up from the airport and couldn’t wait to tell me about the concert.  Her face glowed and she trembled with excitement.  For over a year, Lauren and her friend, Lauren Holtz, waited for this special night.  The tickets were bought,... Read more »

A Ghostly Encounter?

The hubby and I took a trip down to Jacksonville, Illinois over the weekend to watch our kids compete in the Academic Bowl.  We bunked at our friend’s house–a beautiful mid-size house which was built in 1909. The moment I walked in, I felt like I was transported back in time. Tami and her husband,... Read more »

Born Deaf, Going Blind, Choosing to Die

Marc and Eddy Verbessem were born deaf.  When the two brothers learned they were going blind, they chose to end their life at the age of 45.  A doctor assisted them.  The story can be found in more detail here: Marc and Eddy Verbessem, Deaf Belgian Twins, Euthanized After Starting to Turn Blind Deaf Belgium... Read more »

Captioning the Internet One Video at a Time

Not too long ago, a friend sent me a news video she wanted me to watch.  I wrote back telling her I couldn’t get any use out of it–it wasn’t captioned.  Well, the good news is, there is some progress happening toward a more accessible web experience, thanks to the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video... Read more »

Deaf Student Bikes Solo Across America

Ronnie Cuartero and several deaf friends planned to bike from New York to California together.  But as the end of the quarter drew near, the Rochester Institute of Technology students began to back out one by one. Not Ronnie. He was determined to ride across America, but he would have to do it solo.  For... Read more »