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Steve Olsher: Discover Your 'What'

Five years ago, Steve Olsher received a “wake up call.”  He was sitting at his step-father’s bedside, holding his hand during his final breaths. Steve’s thought’s turned to funerals. Not just his step-father’s upcoming funeral, but his own. What would his family, friends and colleagues say about his life,  he wondered.  How was he going... Read more »

How I Landed in a Tommie Copper Commercial

I was flipping through the channels at 4 a.m. one morning last year when I caught the words, “water ski accident.”  Intrigued, I watched as Montel Williams told the story of Tom Kallish, a weekend warrior who crashed into a submerged log while slalom skiing.  Tom ended up with multiple surgeries for his back, hips... Read more »

Remarkable Customer Service at the Marriott

“How are you this morning?” the smiling breakfast attendant asked.  “Would you like a glass for your tomato juice?” It didn’t even occur to me that I might prefer to drink out of a glass instead of the cold aluminum can, but yes, I would appreciate a glass.  She quickly returned with a glass and... Read more »

Does Your Business Have a Heart and Soul?

Every now and then, I receive an email asking if I would be interested in receiving a new book to read.   I always enjoy reading the books that come my way, because often I would never have heard of them if the authors or publishing companies had not reached out.  Such was the case of ... Read more »

Mina Shah, Top Trainer for Anthony Robbins

I met Mina Shah at a Send Out Cards gathering a few weeks ago and learned that she is one of the top trainers with the Anthony Robbins Company.  A little voice inside of me wanted to learn more about this gal– how did she end up working for Tony Robbins? Mina’s journey with Tony... Read more »

Oak Cove Resort-- Get Away, Get in Touch Again

You’re stressed. Overworked.  Life is moving faster than a speeding bullet.  Where can you go to slow down and unwind–far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life?  I know just the place.  Oak Cove Resort is a 1910 resort nestled on the banks of beautiful Lake Cora, located two hours away from Chicago. ... Read more »

The Hot Mommas Project Award

“As we’re getting into the weekend here I want to personally congratulate you on your win,” the letter from Kathy Korman Frey said. A couple of months ago, I submitted a case study at the Hot Mommas Project.  With the deadline near, I didn’t have much time to write, so I just wrote from the... Read more »