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Steve Schulz: From Teacher to Multi-Millionaire

Most of us are taught the typical American way of life at an early age.  Work hard in school. Work hard in college. Work hard in your 9-to-5-two-weeks-vacation-a-year job. Work hard for many, many years and you can finally retire and enjoy life. Steve Schulz set off on that path by working as a middle-school... Read more »

Sort Through the Clutter and Find Your Voice with Joel Boggess

“Listen to your voice. No one else can hear it. Tell your story. No one else can speak it. Run after your passion. No one else can catch it. Being true to the person you were created to be is the best gift you can give yourself, your family, and the world.” That’s the first... Read more »

Steve Olsher: Discover Your 'What'

Five years ago, Steve Olsher received a “wake up call.”  He was sitting at his step-father’s bedside, holding his hand during his final breaths. Steve’s thought’s turned to funerals. Not just his step-father’s upcoming funeral, but his own. What would his family, friends and colleagues say about his life,  he wondered.  How was he going... Read more »

Are You Living a Full Life or Just Existing?

For many years, Kimanzi Constable was just existing through each day.  He was making a pretty good living delivering bread into the early hours of every morning but life had become mediocre and routine.  He felt stuck. Without a degree or specialized experience, he was doomed into a life of complacency. Or so, he thought... Read more »

Are You Waiting for "Someday" to Write a Book?

  I’m making slow progress with my next book–progress which feels like it is moving at a snail’s pace.   I wanted the book done and published by this month, but several things changed the course of the writing.  Today, I came across Tony Robbin’s little piece of wisdom: “No matter how many mistakes you... Read more »

How to Live Beyond Rich and Awesome

  When I first “bumped” into Jen McDonough on the 48 Days Forum, I could feel her energy leap right through the computer screen.  It’s hard to believe this gal used to be a sedentary couch potato, because she’s completed an Ironman and marathon.  She turned her experience into a book, Living Beyond Awesome, in... Read more »

Wisdom Meets Passion: Having a Life Full of Meaning and Purpose

  Dan  Miller and Jared Angaza have teamed up to share their views on wisdom and passion in their book, “Wisdom Meets Passion.”  I met the father/son duo in the spring of this year during a Coaching with Excellence program. I absolutely love Dan’s other books, “No More Dreaded Mondays” and “48 Days to the... Read more »

Need a Dose of Smile Therapy Today?

Tim Smith was tired of waking up to the same old news every morning.  His alarm clock spewed out the latest from a local radio station– financial woes, unemployment rates, murders and more.  On April 1, 2008, he had enough.  He walked away from 20 years in the mortgage business and started Smile Therapy. Every... Read more »

Sandy Morgan: Cerebral Palsy Doesn't Keep Her From Dancing and Skydiving

When Sandy Morgan wakes up each morning, she has to have a cup of coffee before she turns on her computer and begins her day.  But Sandy doesn’t get the jitters from the extra dose of caffeine; instead, her muscles do a different dance due to cerebral palsy. I was introduced to Sandy via SendOutCards,... Read more »

Does Your Business Have a Heart and Soul?

Every now and then, I receive an email asking if I would be interested in receiving a new book to read.   I always enjoy reading the books that come my way, because often I would never have heard of them if the authors or publishing companies had not reached out.  Such was the case of ... Read more »