About Karen Putz

Welcome to "Barefoot in the 'Burbs!"

Pull up a chair, grab some chocolate and kick back.  If you're like me, you'll kick your shoes off.  I'm Karen Putz, a deaf mom to three deaf and hard of hearing kids. The hubby is deaf too. The dog has ears that can hear a rabbit a half mile away.

Not only do I walk around barefoot, but I also barefoot water ski every chance that I get.  Sometimes I even go backwards on the water.  Way back when I was nineteen, I tripped over a wake while barefooting and did a not-so-graceful cartwheel on the water.  In an instant, I went from hard of hearing to deaf.  After I dried the tears, I came to realize that there were some nice advantages to being deaf.  For instance, when the kids want money for the mall, I just turn off my hearing aids and close my eyes.  Instant peace.  And quiet.

I love to sit down in front of a computer and pound together words to create a story.   Non-fiction is my specialty.  Everyone has a story, and man, there just aren't enough hours in the day to capture 'em all.  I have published chapters in three books, write for the Chicago Tribune Trib Local, and I have two blogs of my own:  A Deaf Mom Shares Her World and Deaf and Hard of Hearing People at Work. Some day, I'm going to finish the books that I'm writing.

I actually like speaking to people and sharing what I've learned from life.   You can put me on a plane to anywhere, and I'll tell you stuff about what it is like to live a passion-filled life minus one sense.  I'll show you ways you can knock down the barriers in your life and unwrap your own passions.  I'll teach you how to quiet down the chatter in your head and pursue what really matters.

My only claim to social media fame is that I made the 40 Over 40 List.  Over on Twitter, I like to pound out 140 characters of wisdom @DeafMom.

Oh, and about that barefooting?  The hubby sent me a link to a Today show segment featuring 66-year-old Judy Myers barefoot water skiing.  I got in touch with Judy, flew down to the World Barefoot Center where I met World Barefoot Champion, Keith St. Onge-- and I got back on the water again.  And what do you know... at the age of 45, I learned to barefoot forwards, backwards and on one foot-- and now I compete.

I can be reached at karen (at) karenputz (dot) you-know-what.  Compliments accepted.  Complaints referred to the dog.