Steve Schulz: From Teacher to Multi-Millionaire


Most of us are taught the typical American way of life at an early age.  Work hard in school. Work hard in college. Work hard in your 9-to-5-two-weeks-vacation-a-year job. Work hard for many, many years and you can finally retire and enjoy life.

Steve Schulz set off on that path by working as a middle-school English teacher.  One Sunday night, a friend introduced him to an opportunity that changed his life.  For $400, Steve learned he could open his own home-based business and make money by convincing people to switch their phone service.  This was back in 1990, before the days of cell phones or the Internet.  Steve wavered back and forth on the business idea with his friend for two hours.  There was a lot of doubt, a lot of unknowns, and a lot of “what ifs.”

Steve’s wife, Colleen, grew tired of listening to the two men talk. “For $400, what if it works?” she said.

That little spark of encouragement was all Steve needed to proceed.  It was a decision that would change his life.  He dove head first into the business. The journey was not an easy one in the beginning.  His first check was less than a dollar, but Steve was ecstatic.  Ironically, despite her initial enthusiasm, Colleen found it difficult to watch Steve work so hard for so little gain in the beginning.  Despite the many ups and downs, Steve was looking ahead at the long-term benefits of his efforts–he knew if he planted enough seeds for a few years, he would reap the harvest down the road.

The harvest turned out to be something he couldn’t even fathom at the beginning.  Not only did the harvest bring in multi-millions of dollars, but it also brought in the freedom of precious time with his kids and family.

Today, Steve is well-known in the  Network Marketing industry and he is now the President of Field Operations for SendOutCards.  He recently released a book chronicling his network marketing journey, “Yes, Sometimes it is About the Money.”

“For the first time in 23 years, I’m not personally building a team,” Steve said. “When the SendOutCards opportunity came up last year, I couldn’t pass it up.  I have been a customer since 2008 and I knew the potential to build this company into a billion-dollar company.”

In his book, Steve aims to bust some of the myths surrounding network marketing and money.  “Network marketing levels the playing field,” Steve said. “You don’t need any special education or special talents. Everyone and anyone can build a business, the question is, will you? Will you be persistent enough to do what it takes to see that through?

I started my own journey in networking marketing not long ago so I could really relate to Steve’s early days of building the business.  His book gave me a deeper sense of the effort that’s required to commit to something that brings in long-term gain.  I find that many people often give up after a few months and then they say, “Oh well, that didn’t work!”  Let’s say  you started a franchise business–would you give up after just a few months?

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet  Steve at a SendOutCards event last year and it was easy to see why he’s so successful–he truly loves to be around people and help them on their journey.

Perhaps the best takeaway from “Yes, Sometime’s it is About the Money” is the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve something you’ve never done before. That’s truly the essence of any success–we must continually do new things to grow and reach new heights.  The best line of all from Steve’s book:

“Everything we have is tucked up nice and neat inside our comfort zone. Everything we want is outside our comfort zone.”

Step out of yours today.




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