Sort Through the Clutter and Find Your Voice with Joel Boggess

“Listen to your voice. No one else can hear it. Tell your story. No one else can speak it. Run after your passion. No one else can catch it. Being true to the person you were created to be is the best gift you can give yourself, your family, and the world.”

That’s the first thing you’ll read when you dive into Joel Boggess’ new book, Finding Your Voice.   Joel and I crossed paths on Twitter two years ago and he reached out to start a conversation.  From that simple initial interaction, I gained a friend, along with his wife, Pei. Joel’s mission in life is to empower others to discover the reason they’re here on earth and to find their voice to share with the world. The “voice” you find is not the physical ability to speak. “It’s about finding the voice from your heart,” says Joel. ” The first time I looked up the definition of ‘voice,’ I found it meant to ‘give full expression to.’  People have a hunger inside of them and their hunger is to fully express who they are, what excites them, and what they stand for.   When people find their true voice they feel empowered.  They can take their work, home, and family life –all of that–and can take it in the direction that best suits them.”

Joel speaks from experience. He left a soul-stripping six-figure job to live his calling for helping others. Last year on ChicagoNow, I covered his story in depth here:  Joel Boggess, Leaving a Corporate Job to Embrace his Passion.

Finding your voice by Joel Boggess

Joel recently spoke to the team at the Zig Ziglar office and outlined the three places to Find Your Voice:

Find your voice in the Past: Your past leaves clues. Look back in your past to discover the times when you felt joy. What fired you up? What did you become excited about?  Explore your past and see the  mechanics of what you truly like to do and look beyond that.

Find your voice in the  Questions: Pay attention and take note of the questions or challenges people bring to you.  What are some questions people turn to you for answers? You’ll find your strengths, skills, and abilities in what others notice about you.

Find your voice in the Struggles: The events that take us to the lowest point in our life often become a springboard for greater success and a sounding board for the voice within us.

Joel turned his own life struggles into the gift of helping others find their purpose.  When he was six, he fell off a 30-foot bridge and was in a coma for three weeks. He became deaf in one ear and had to learn to walk again.  He was the kid who was always selected last for sports and teased in school.  His parents divorced and Joel spent years dealing with the dysfunction in his home life by making his own poor choices with drinking and smoking pot.  His experiences lead to his calling to help others.  “I’m an only child.  I had a front row seat to watch my parents self-destruct and both of them battled different issues.   My mom was in a relationship that took years to untangle from–that’s why I have a passion to empower women after seeing what my mom went through. When people know their voice they are more focused more confident and better equipped to develop their own potential. Someone out there needs to benefit from your battles. You are the solution that someone else is waiting for.”

Joel encourages others to do a “taste test” before diving overboard in a new direction when finding their voice.  He uses the analogy of a cook in the kitchen–adding a little of this and a little of that, tasting along the way to make sure the dish is a delicious one. “The same approach that works in the kitchen can work wonders in your life –a little here and there,” Joel explains.  “Unfortunately, many people who experience a bad taste test will approach the experience like life and death. One wrong choice and bam,  it’s over.   My friend, Larry Wignet says, ‘Make a decision and move on it. If you make the wrong decision you will figure out pretty quickly that you need to re-adjust your plan.  If your decision is the right one, that will be evident pretty quickly as well.’   What’s better, wondering and waiting, or taking action and moving forward? Well, think about this: you can’t steer a parked car.”

Joel is donating 12% of the book sales to Mercy Ministries in the next 12 months. Purchase the book by November 6 to receive bonuses by Zig Ziglar, Bob Burg, Dan Miller, Mike Sanborn, and more.   Here’s what Darren Hardy, Carrie Wilkerson, Joe Calloway, Tom Ziglar, and others are saying about Finding Your Voice:  Finding Your Voice Endorsements.

“Finding your voice is not a destination,  it’s a journey,” says Joel. “That’s the part of wonderful process of life, you will know more about yourself tomorrow than today. When you learn how to free yourself of expectations of having to get there tomorrow,  it is empowering, energizing, and liberating. Whatever you decided to do in life,  do yourself, your family, and God a favor, explore your possibilities,  harness your gifts, and listen to your voice. The world needs you at your finest.”


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