Right Now, Drop Everything and Cherish the Moment

Photo: The morning meditation. #meditating #lovinglife #gratitude

Right now, drop everything and cherish this moment.  I mean RIGHT NOW.  Yup, this very moment.


It’s gone.

Did you enjoy it? Did you pause in the middle of something you really loved to do to read this post?

No? Is this post just breaking up the monotony of yet another day of mediocrity? Of drudgery?  Because you see, you just traded your one precious moment of life to stop and read this post.

Right this very moment one of my best friends is spending time with her mother. Precious time that she can never get back. For you see, her mom is at the end of her journey here on earth. She’s counting every drop of time because  it is quickly withering away.  Very soon, her mom won’t be able to communicate anymore.

Now back to you. If you think you have plenty of time ahead of you to “someday” do the things you really enjoy doing, the things you’re passionate about, the stuff that fires you up and brings you joy– well then you need to grab a copy of Robert D. Smith’s 20,000 Days and Counting.  Once you realize how your days are numbered you’ll wake up each morning spending your time in a very different way.  I know I do.

By now, you’ve let a bunch of other “moments” slip away as you read this. My only hope is that it brought you some value or made you view life through a different lens.

Don’t throw your moments away.  Make them count.

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