Deaf Teens Sign "I Would" for the One Direction 1D Day Music Video



lauren putz and lauren holtz at one direction concert

Can deaf kids enjoy music? That’s a question I often get from parents of newly-identified deaf and hard of hearing babies.  In a nutshell, the answer is “yes.”  In fact, this week, XXL and SPIN produced a story about deaf musicians: Hearing Impaired Rappers on the Rise.

My own three kids have varying hearing levels ranging from hard of hearing to deaf.  For example, my daughter can hear pretty well on the phone but my sons cannot. All three of my kids love music and listen to it daily.  My daughter, Lauren, and her friend, also named Lauren, are big fans of One Direction and really enjoy the band’s music. they had the time of their life at a One Direction concert this summer when Harry Styles signed to them: Harry Styles Signs to Deaf Fans at a One Direction Concert.  My daughter wrote a guest post on ChicagoNow which ended up in M Magazine: Signing with Harry Styles at the One Direction Concert.

So when my daughter heard about the One Direction 1D Day, she assigned me the job of official videographer and dragged me outside last Sunday to film a One Direction song in American Sign Language.   The two girls selected the “I Would” song for the One Direction 1D Day video. We had just 30 minutes to film it before the sun went down.  The other Lauren lived an hour away and this was their only chance to do the song.  After a few bloopers and re-takes, they came up with this:

1D Day is set for November 23, 2013

Update:  The girl’s video is on the One Direction 1DDaymusicvideo playlist!  One Direction 1DDday Videos

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