A ChicagoNow Post on Harry Styles Ends Up in M Magazine

Despite being deaf, I could hear my daughter’s scream as she showed me a screen shot a friend had sent her.  “Mom! I’m in ‘M’ magazine!”

A few weeks ago, my daughter and her friend attended the One Direction concert in Tinley Park.  They originally had seats in the fourth row, but the management moved them to the front row to accommodate the two sign language interpreters assigned to the show.  The girls were beyond thrilled at that point to be so close to the stage.

Both girls knew the lyrics to just about every song and signed along as the One Direction boys sang.  They were enjoying every minute of their experience at the concert and then the best part of all: Harry Styles noticed the girls and began signing to them here and there throughout the songs.  It turned into a concert they’ll remember forever.  Harry Styles signed to them. 

I was so touched by Harry’s actions, I wrote about it in a ChicagoNow blog post:


Harry Styles Signs to Deaf Fans at the One Direction Concert

The next day, my daughter shared her view in a guest post:

Signing with Harry Styles at the One Direction Concert

The September issue of “M” magazine featured “The Sweetest Harry Story You’ll Ever  Read,” and it was a blurb from my daughter’s guest post on ChicagoNow:

Needless to say, it’s been an exciting, exhilarating summer for my daughter and her friend.  Thank you, Harry Styles, for taking the time to connect with your deaf fans.

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