I Want Your Life!

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I ran into an old friend at a graduation party and we played catch up.  Actually, I played catch up, my friend already knew everything about me.  “I read every post you put up on Facebook,” he said. “You’re always traveling somewhere speaking, writing or barefoot water skiing. You always look like you’re having fun. I’m jealous– I want your life!”

“Oh, so you want to learn to walk on water?” I joked.  He rolled his eyes. “You want to speak? You want to write?” No, that wasn’t quite what he meant.

What my friend really wanted was freedom. Freedom to do what he loved to do instead of the grinding job which was stripping away his soul.   He had been at the same job for over twenty years and resigned himself to the idea that he needed to stay until he could retire.  Retirement was another seven years away. The dull look in his eyes told the whole story.  Seven more years before he could start living his “dream life.”

The thing is, my friend has the ability to change anything he wants to about his life.  The question becomes, what is he willing to change?







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