Where Do You Want to Be Five Years From Now?

Live with intention

“Where do you want to be five years from now?”

I directed that question at Keith St. Onge three years ago. We were sitting in a boat on Lake Conine down in Winter Haven, Florida, waiting for another skier to get ready to hit the water. Keith was the two-time World Barefoot Champion; I was a student at his ski school learning how to barefoot water ski all over again after two decades of dry feet.

“You’ve done it all,” I continued. “You’ve set all the World Records–what’s next for you?”

As it turned out, Keith’s dream was to write a book and do some speaking. Three years later, he finished his book (I co-authored it), Gliding Soles, Lessons from a Life on Water. He’s now getting into speaking.

So let me ask you this:

Where do you want to be five years from now?

Go ahead. Close your eyes and imagine your ideal, ultimate life.

What are you doing? Where are you? Who is in your life?

If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’re going to get the same results. If you want something different in your life five years from now, you have to begin TODAY to make changes and take the steps to move in the exciting direction you truly want to go in.

Keith turned the tables on me recently and asked me the same question: Where do I want to be five years from now?  Thanks to the inspiring turn in which my life took three years ago, I’m enjoying my passions and doing what I was born to do. I want to continue to do it five years from now on an even bigger scale, especially sharing the gift of helping others unwrap their passions.

Life is too short to live it void of passion.  Unwrap yours. Five years from now, you’ll be grateful you did.





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