A Ghostly Encounter?

The hubby and I took a trip down to Jacksonville, Illinois over the weekend to watch our kids compete in the Academic Bowl.  We bunked at our friend’s house–a beautiful mid-size house which was built in 1909.

The moment I walked in, I felt like I was transported back in time. Tami and her husband, Michael, renovated some of the rooms but still kept the charm and the style.  The original fireplace stood in the parlor, the gleaming wood hardly showed any wear or tear.

“Come on upstairs, I want to show you my new bathroom,” Tami said. The last time I visited her, the bathroom was torn apart, with burned walls uncovered. As it turned out, the previous owners had a kitchen fire which traveled up through the walls. The burned wood had been covered over.  Her renovated bathroom was beautiful– complete with a claw-foot tub and dimmer lights.  A nice blend of old and modern convenience.

Tami and I walked into the next room and all of a sudden, a scene flashed before my eyes. I saw an elderly woman and man sitting at a table.  At first, I didn’t give it much thought. Perhaps I was just imagining who might have lived there.

During our dinner, I casually mentioned the elderly couple to Tami. “What are their names?” she asked me.  “Adele and Peter,” came tumbling out. I sat there in surprise. I had no idea where those names came from.  Tami explained that the house had previously been divided into two apartments, and that room housed a kitchen.  The names didn’t ring a bell, but Tami planned to contact the previous owners just to see who the renters might have been. We had a good laugh at the vision and moved on to other topics.

The next day, we all went out for dinner with another couple and their son joining us.  Tami brought up the vision I had seen. As I described it to the couple, I remembered the scene in more detail. The woman was wearing a print dress with tiny flowers in yellow and brown.  She was rather plump, with golden hair laced with gray. I couldn’t see the man clearly at all, just the woman. I remembered the table they sat at and I described it to Tami– thin silver legs that started wide in the corner and joined together to form the rest of the leg; a silver band around the side and square pattern on the top.

Tami started at me with her eyes open in complete shock.

“That very table came with the house,” she said. “I sold it.”

Our mouths fell open.

That night, we returned to the room and jokingly asked Adele to come out.  Suddenly, we were enveloped in a wave of cold– a chill that pressed right through us. “Did you feel that?” I asked Tami.  “Yes, I’m very cold!” she said.  Again, our mouths fell open. We had never experienced something quite like that.  There are a million tables in the world, yet the vision that appeared showcased the very table that came with the house.  Tami dug through her pictures and showed me the table. In the picture, it was turquoise blue. In my vision, it was gray and white– but the same table.

Just before we left, we stood in the sunroom to say our goodbyes when Tami stopped short with a puzzled look. “Did you bring that book?” She pointed to a book laying on the desk. Earthly Angels.  “No, that’s not mine,” I said.

“That’s really strange,” she said. “I reminded myself to show you that book when you arrived on Friday. Now here it is on the desk. I know I didn’t put it there. Michael, did you bring this book out from the bookshelf?” she asked.

Michael said no.

“Well, you definitely have a ghost in this house!” I laughed. We took off for home, leaving Tami and Michael with their new house guests.

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