Randy Gage: Risky is the New Safe

Risky is the New Safe by Randy Gage

Go ahead and sit down in your nice, comfortable recliner before opening the pages of Risky is the New Safe by Randy Gage.  Make sure you have some food and drink within reach. Pretty soon, you’re going to be shifting uncomfortably in that chair, but you’re guaranteed to stay glued to the pages until the end.

At first glance, the topics in Randy’s new book are a lot to take in. Trained monkeys. Government as a Ponzi scheme.  A nation of idiots. Oh, and virtual sex.

Let me warn you, you’re going to get a headache from reading Risky is the New Safe.  It’ll be the good kind of headache though. The kind you get from seeing things in a whole new light. The kind of headache where your brain is taking in all kinds of information and going, hmm…

You see, Randy wants you to get a headache from reading his book.  “But that’s the good kind of headache,” he writes in his book.  “The one that comes from stretching your brain around new concepts, learning new vocabulary, and developing new thought processes. These things are the sure signs of growth and enlightenment.”

I had the opportunity to catch Randy with some free time and we grabbed a few minutes to talk about his new book.  He had just finished his softball season with a World Series game in which he hit a three-run homer  to cinch a win for his team.  And a little tidbit for you: Randy didn’t start playing softball until he was 40.  So if you’ve got something you’ve always wanted to take up but you thought you were over the hill, well, get out there and go try it.

The idea for Risky is the New Safe came about from a trip to Thailand, where Randy observed monkeys being trained to work in place of people.  “That trip got me thinking about the future,” said Randy. “I started thinking about cloning and biogenetic engineering and the challenges I’m facing in my business with mobile and online marketing changing everything.  I’ve been teaching about prosperity for twenty years, and people need to know there’s  never been a better time in human history to create wealth and become a multi-millionaire.”

The old models of economy and business practices are going to have to be tossed out.  Our current practices of educating masses of children are creating kids who can recite facts but aren’t taught to think.  Technology is changing fast and the ones who don’t keep up are the ones who will be left far, far behind.

Speaking of technology, remember the Jetsons talking on their videophones? It was the stuff of science fiction back in the 70’s.  Randy talks about this in his book. Well, that piece of technology is very much here, and it enabled me to talk to Randy with a sign language interpreter translating every one of his words on the videophone:

Randy has written many books on prosperity and he travels the world (believe it or not, he has yet to see the Grand Canyon!) speaking on this topic, so it may surprise some to know he is really an introvert. “That always shocks people, because I’m a speaker,” said Randy.  “Speaking doesn’t make me nervous because I can control it.  Off the platform, I’m a shy, quiet, reclusive person.”  Randy fell into speaking almost by accident.  Years ago, he did some training sessions for his work and people began asking him to speak more and more.  “The next thing I knew, I became a speaker,” he said. “I was meant to do that, I guess. Our assignment in life discovers us; we don’t discover it.”

And here’s a lesson Randy wants you to take away from the book:

“This is the most exciting time in human history, but most don’t know it.  They’re watching the news  and watching crimes statistics, economic factors– and  they are buying into limiting mind viruses.  They think they’re living in the dark times of human history– that’s a lie–we are living in the greatest time of opportunities.  We have to change the way we think to change that.”

So if you find yourself playing life really safe and not going anywhere, it’s time to pick up a copy of this book and rethink risk in a whole new light.







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