Passion Will Push You Above and Beyond

I spent last week down in Texas skiing in the Barefoot Nationals.  I took up competition for the first time last year and this was my second Nationals tournament.  The local news station came by to capture the story of how I unwrapped my passion after two decades of burying it:

Deaf Barefoot Water Skier Overcomes Adversity

During the interview, the two-time World Barefoot Champion said something profound:

“If you have a passion and you know what your passion is, that passion will push you above and beyond.”

Most of us know what our passions are– it’s the very thing that makes our soul sing and sets our hearts on fire. Some folks bury it for years, like I did. But the good news is, it’s never too late to unwrap your passion and dig into it.

Too old?  Try telling that to 83-year-old Jim Boyette who is the world’s oldest barefoot competitor.

Not skilled enough?  Try telling that to 69-year-old Judy Myers who started barefooting at 53 and learned to barefoot backwards.

Not enough time?  Try telling that to  Mike Holt, who runs a successful business–he found time to train– and became an open pro skier at the age of 61.

So whatever it is which turns you on, fires you up or brings you joy– pursue it. Like Keith St. Onge says, your passion will take you to places above and beyond. You’ll have to step out of your comfort zone. You will encounter fear, roadblocks, barriers, and challenges– but passion will push you above and beyond every time.

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