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When a School Tells You to Change Your Kid's Name

Little Hunter Spanjer is only three years old, but officials at his preschool want him to change his name.  Or more specifically, they want his family to assign a new “name sign” to the kid. Because you see, Hunter is deaf and his name in sign language represents a potential weapon.  And as you know,... Read more »

Boldness is Not the Absence of Fear

                                                          Tim True, Minnesota   “A lot of people think that bold people have no fear. That’s not true. Boldness is not the absence of fear, but rather, the recognition that the best things are worth conquering your fear over.”   I found the above quote from Randy Gage awhile back, but it has been... Read more »

Passion Will Push You Above and Beyond

I spent last week down in Texas skiing in the Barefoot Nationals.  I took up competition for the first time last year and this was my second Nationals tournament.  The local news station came by to capture the story of how I unwrapped my passion after two decades of burying it: Deaf Barefoot Water Skier... Read more »