Dave Ramsey Walks on Water

Dave Ramsey is a financial guru who is best known for helping people get out of debt and turn their lives around so they can “live like no one else.”  During the week, he dispenses down-to-earth, practical  financial advice on his syndicated radio show and his website.  His books, Financial Peace, Total Money Makeover and EntreLeadership are all best-sellers and his Financial Peace University courses are taught all over.

So if you’ve heard of Dave Ramsey, you immediately associate him with finances and getting out of debt.  But there’s a little tidbit about Dave that not a lot of people know:

He can walk on water.

That’s right. Dave’s a barefoot water skier.  For over thirty years, he’s been gliding his feet on top of the water in a sport that not many can master.

Dave Ramsey with 2X World Barefoot Champion Keith St. Onge


Last Wednesday, I stopped at Financial Peace Plaza with my friend, AnnMarie Mickelson and we watched the show.  SpeechText Access provided real-time captioning, so we were able to stream the captions on a laptop while seeing Dave broadcast live through a glass studio.  We hit a bonus, as Dave interviewed Michael Hyatt, Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, as he talked about his new book, Platform, Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

Dave came out to meet us during a break and we grabbed a photo.  The fun side of Dave came out as he kicked off a shoe and we had some footin fun:

And yes, I know my feet are as wide as Dave’s.  God was very generous in that department.

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