A Whack on the Head

Karen Putz toe hold

Yesterday was just one of those freak things. I was attempting to barefoot water ski on one foot and tripped.  I took a nice little tumble on the water and rolled to a stop.  “Wow, that was a heck of a fall,” I said to myself.  I rubbed my head and shrugged it off.

As I waited for the boat to pick me up, I looked around.  I couldn’t quite remember where I was.  I knew I was in Florida.  Somewhere in Florida.  I knew that the two-time World Barefoot Champion, Keith St. Onge, was driving the boat.  What happened next, I have no memory of.  Apparently I took another run on one foot.  Then Keith handed me a ski shoe for the other foot and told me to practice just lifting one foot up and putting it down.

Instead, I tucked my left foot into the handle strap, let go with both hands in the air and rode on one foot.  I had done the trick just a few times before, but yesterday’s run was supposedly very clean on the water and with incredible ease.

I don’t remember any of it.

I finally “came to” a little while later, sitting in the boat, with a bottle of water in my hand.  Keith had figured out that I had a mild concussion and the other skiers were keeping me awake.

What a weird experience to lose a little slice of life for a while!

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