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Finding True Value from a Jack Canfield Seminar

How I love Twitter– I’ve connected with so many wonderful folks there. One of my Twitter buddies is Tracy Brown, a writer, web whiz and volunteer (she runs a support group for women).  Tracy and I had the opportunity to meet face-to-face on a recent visit to Rochester, New York and we ended up talking... Read more »

Extreme Sports at a "Mature" Age

Recently, I went barefoot water skiing on the Fox river in St. Charles with Kevin O’Connell and Tom Hart.  Kevin is a Naperville cop and Tom is a local realtor.  These two men are die-hard barefooters– they once barefooted on the Rock River for a charity event, in weather that registered only two degrees on... Read more »

How to Fundraise in Lean Times

With the economy the way it is lately, donations are down everywhere for most non-profits.  I serve on the board of Hands & Voices, a non-profit that serves families with deaf and hard of hearing children.  The challenge this year was to host a fundraiser for both the local chapter and headquarters.  Only one problem:... Read more »

A Week of Barefooting Just for Women

In three weeks, the World Barefoot Center will host the second annual Women’s Barefoot Week.  I’ll be down in Winter Haven, Florida for this event on October 29 to November 6th.  If you’re a gal who loves water sports and have always been curious about learning to barefoot water ski, then this is the week... Read more »

Don't Like Your Life? Make Different Choices

At a recent party, a friend was unloading about life.  “Man, I envy you– you’re really living the life!  You’re traveling, you’re out on the boat barefooting, you’re having fun!  I wish I could do that.” My friend went on to tell me how miserable his life had become.  How he wished he could enjoy... Read more »