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Bob Burg

Last Thursday, I attended Bob Burg’s event, Endless Referrals, the Go-Giver Way, hosted by Jean Kuhn from Bounce Solutions.  I had heard Bob’s name every now and then, but had not read any of his books.  His newest book, It’s Not About You was just released on September 20.  I was really glad that I went to his workshop, even though I missed out a lot due to lipreading.   I was able to experience Video Remote Interpreting, thanks to ZVRS, for some of the presentation.

First, about Video Remote Interpreting– I’d have to say, WOW.  I used my Mac and the hotel’s wifi to connect to the interpreter and for most of the time, I had a crisp, clear picture.  There were two moments where the wifi slowed down, but those were short and brief.  Video Remote Interpreting is not an affordable solution for a workshop that goes on for hours, but for situations where you need an on-demand interpreter for short amounts of time, it’s a great way to get an interpreter quickly.

Now about Bob— that’s another WOW!  He’s engaging, entertaining and dynamic– all the buzz words of a great speaker.  But more importantly, Bob is genuine about sharing what he has learned.  You can’t fake genuine– it either comes through or it isn’t there.   Keith Leitzen did a great summary of Bob’s workshop in his tweets:

  • Tell stories to grab attention and provide facts in a soft fashion.
  • Sell on price you are a commodity. Sell on value you become a source to pass on.
  • Know the difference of price compared to value. Is the value provided more than the cost?
  • Know Like and Trust. Without it a referral will not move forward or a relationship for that matter.
  • Be a connector.
  • Follow up with a handwritten note immediately after meeting someone.
  • Giving referrals will bring referrals.

The biggest lesson that I took away from this workshop was about giving value to others.  So this week, I’m going to focus on ways that I can be of value to the folks who cross my path.  Judging from the number of holds on Bob’s books at my local library, he’s definitely giving value to others.

And this morning, I found another gem from Bob: Focus Only On What You Can Influence.

So start your Monday off by asking how you can contribute value today.

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