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Bob Burg, Give People Value

Last Thursday, I attended Bob Burg’s event, Endless Referrals, the Go-Giver Way, hosted by Jean Kuhn from Bounce Solutions.  I had heard Bob’s name every now and then, but had not read any of his books.  His newest book, It’s Not About You was just released on September 20.  I was really glad that I... Read more »

Adam Fitzgerald: Pushing the Limits with Ultramarathons

Meet Adam Fitzgerald:  husband, father, minister and endurance athlete.  Back in 1968, Adam weighed a mere three pounds at birth.  Five months later, he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.  The prognosis was poor; doctors told his parents that he might not develop speech or the ability to walk.... Read more »

What Would You Do if You Lost One Million Dollars?

What would you do if you lost one million dollars? Dale Suslick remembers the day well, a cold, winter day in 2008.  He was in the basement of his home, calculating his losses.  The businesses that he created were losing money left and right.  In one short year, he had burned hard through the money,... Read more »

9-11, Forever in our Memory

No words.  Just memories.

Are You A Badass? Johnny B. Truant is Looking For You

I can’t remember how I initially stumbled across The Badass Project, but I remember whittling away an entire morning while immersed in the site.  It’s not just because I have a disability myself–that’s not what glued me to the site–but the stories of the folks on there who are, well… badass.   The Badass Project offers... Read more »