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Remarkable Customer Service at the Marriott

“How are you this morning?” the smiling breakfast attendant asked.  “Would you like a glass for your tomato juice?” It didn’t even occur to me that I might prefer to drink out of a glass instead of the cold aluminum can, but yes, I would appreciate a glass.  She quickly returned with a glass and... Read more »

Patience, Persistence and Perseverance

  Patience,  persistence and perseverance.  How often do you see all three of those in action? Joann O’Connor is 62 years old, but you’d never guess it.  She’s legendary on Lake Lucerne up in Crandon, Wisconsin: she’s known for water skiing up and down the lake– on her bare feet.    Joann was the first woman to... Read more »

Living Your Dream

I’m sitting in a hotel in Waco, Texas, writing this while my family is conked out around me.  If you told me two years ago that I would enter my first barefoot water ski competition at the age of 45 (I’m a day away from another birthday), I would have laughed.  And it would have... Read more »

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

“You have such a nice life,” an acquaintance said to me recently.  “There’s always something exciting going on, or you’re going here and there or accomplishing all these different things.  My life is so boring next to yours!” There was so much I wanted to say to this person, but the time and circumstances didn’t... Read more »

Leslie Goldman: Freelance Writer Lands on the Today Show

A typical morning for Leslie Goldman finds her in front of her laptop writing away at eight a.m.  Three days a week, she works from home, twice a week she heads to the local coffee shop where she indulges in some liquid refreshment to keep her going.  She’s either pitching a story, meeting a deadline... Read more »