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With Every Goodbye You Learn

In my senior year of high school, my itinerant teacher, Mrs. Sweeney gave me a blank journal and told me to start writing in it.  So I did.  I wrote poems and collected my favorite quotes and filled up nearly every page in the book.   In the back of the journal, I pasted a poem... Read more »

Maggi Summerhill-- Her World Went Silent

Maggi Summerhill began losing her hearing in her right ear when she was ten years old after a bout with meningitis.  She began wearing two hearing aids to help her locate sound, but once she was exposed to teasing and some hitting from her classmates, she quickly ditched the hearing aids.  She found that she... Read more »

When Was the Last Time You Jumped for Joy?

I sat in the boat and I watched my kids and their cousins leap again and again off the side of the boat and into the lake.  We’ve been repeating that routine all summer, and it never seems to get old.  Every time they surface, there’s a look of joy on their faces and they... Read more »

Does Your Business Have a Heart and Soul?

Every now and then, I receive an email asking if I would be interested in receiving a new book to read.   I always enjoy reading the books that come my way, because often I would never have heard of them if the authors or publishing companies had not reached out.  Such was the case of ... Read more »