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Extreme Couponing -- Does It Go Too Far?

Extreme Couponing -- Does It Go Too Far?
I sat there in disbelief as I watched an episode of Extreme Couponing recently. In the show, a shopper had just arrived home with bags and bags of groceries and she was unloading the bags, stacking the items on shelf after shelf.  An entire room in her house was filled from top to bottom with... Read more »

Oak Cove Resort-- Get Away, Get in Touch Again

You’re stressed. Overworked.  Life is moving faster than a speeding bullet.  Where can you go to slow down and unwind–far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life?  I know just the place.  Oak Cove Resort is a 1910 resort nestled on the banks of beautiful Lake Cora, located two hours away from Chicago. ... Read more »

Finding a New Sisterhood

There’s something about connecting with a group of like-minded women that’s good for the soul. Earlier this month, I gave a presentation, “Unwrapping Your Passion,” at the Global Deaf Women retreat in Washington, D.C. This intimate retreat was the first of its kind for me– I had attended many workshops and conferences, but never a... Read more »

What Not To Wear is Looking for Chicago Gals

I received an email from Meghan Griffin, the casting producer for TLC’s What Not to Wear— she’s looking for some great gals in the Chicago area who are in serious need of a wardrobe makeover. I know my niece in California is screaming, “nominate my Aunt Karen!” but let me tell you, I’m perfectly happy... Read more »

The Roast of Chris Brogan

The Roast of Chris Brogan
Chris Brogan is usually the one on stage giving a presentation, but last night, he was on stage shifting in his seat as the first few minutes of the “Roast of Chris Brogan” began. If you’re asking yourself, “Who is Chris Brogan?” then you might want to get to know this amazing guy a little... Read more »

I Love You, Mom, and That's No B.S.

  I almost lost my Mom eighteen years ago.  In the middle of having a heart attack, she drove herself to the doctor’s office and waited patiently as he called an ambulance. During her stay in the hospital, she survived two more heart attacks.  As soon as she was released, she got down to business–... Read more »

My Year of Growing Bolder

Karen Putz and Lorelle VanFossen When I hugged Lorelle VanFossen last week at the Chicago Social Media gathering, we hadn’t seen each other for a year.  She stepped back with a contemplative look on her face.  “Look at you, girl!  There’s something different about you!  It’s not the weight loss– you’re positively glowing!” Dropping a... Read more »

The Hot Mommas Project Award

“As we’re getting into the weekend here I want to personally congratulate you on your win,” the letter from Kathy Korman Frey said. A couple of months ago, I submitted a case study at the Hot Mommas Project.  With the deadline near, I didn’t have much time to write, so I just wrote from the... Read more »