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Jeff Ferreira: Go Big or Go Home

Go big!
Jeff Ferreira lives his life by this simple motto:  “Go big, or go home.”  At the age of sixteen, Jeff nearly lost his life as a passenger in a car accident.  The car he was riding in rolled over nine times, skidding 602 feet before coming to an abrupt stop on the other side of... Read more »

It's Not What You Can Hear, It's About Attitude

My friend, Lori Krakora, directed me to an article about Jillian Szenderski, a little girl in Florida with cochlear implants:  Born Deaf, A Pinella’s County Girl Starts School and Hears the School Bell.  The short article celebrates Jillian’s progression of speech and her ability to hear sounds through her cochlear implant. The statement that caught... Read more »