Getting New Hearing Aids

karen putz with new hearing aids

Getting fitted for new Phonak hearing aids

The old hearing aids that I had for the last several years just weren’t cutting it anymore.  On one ear, I was sporting a hearing aid with a missing battery cover. Every now and then during a volleyball game, we would have to stop the game and search for a wayward battery that fell out.  On the other ear, I was wearing a hand-me-down hearing aid from one of the kids.  The hearing aid would occasionally emit feedback sounds whenever someone would hug me.

It was time to get new hearing aids and ditch the mismatched duo.

I went for Phonak hearing aids, since all three of my kids had them.  I figured they must be good, since my kids turned every time I called their name.  However, whenever I holler at them to do the dishes, they always seem to go deaf.
I had some trouble deciding on the color, as there were many choices to choose from.  It was nothing like the old days when all I had was a choice between brown, tan and black.  Should I get the blue?  The pink?  Or maybe the zebra one?  After some serious pondering about which color would go well with most of my wardrobe, I settled for the cool-looking transparent model. It was techno enough to command attention, yet subtle enough to blend in with pretty much anything I wear.

I went over to Sertoma to meet up with Christine Woodall (audiologist) and Dawn Ruley (Phonak) for my hearing aid appointment. “Wow!” I said when I first set sight on the silver/transparent Naidas.  They were definitely sharp-looking hearing aids. Dawn and Christine began to explain all of the features on the hearing aids and my head began to spin from all of the specialized buttons and sequences of choices.  I settled for three different programs: mute, music and zoom in noise. 

One of the most frustrating things about my old hearing aid was having to open the battery case to turn off the hearing aid before pulling it out of my ear.  With the Naidas, I can just hit the mute button and then take them out and turn them off.  Another neat feature– I can change the sound program on one aid and it automatically switches the program on the other hearing aid.  No need to fiddle around with both!  

I’m pretty darn deaf with hearing aids, so I was curious to see if I would be able to hear a bit better with these.  The Naidas take high-pitched sounds and convert them to the lower frequencies that I can hear better with.  I do notice new sounds that I haven’t heard before, such as the computer fan whirring or the sound of new chat windows that pop up.

I have to say, that mute button comes in mighty handy when the kids come up and ask, “Mom, can I have some money for…”

Sorry, kids.  I didn’t hear you.

Christine Woodall Karen Putz and Dawn Ruley


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