A Tweet Leads to Deepak Chopra

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“How many of you are here as a result from a tweet on Twitter?”  Deepak Chopra asked the audience at the Kellogg School of Management during his “Soul of Leadership” presentation.

A couple of hands went up, including mine.

Earlier in the week, Deepak sent out a tweet giving away reserved seats to his presentation. I had just started following Deepak last year, after reading his book, “The Happiness Prescription.”  I recently finished his son’s book, “Walking Wisdom.”  A few weeks ago, I took the “Yes to Success” workshop with Debra Poneman, and she mentioned that Deepak had taken her seminar years ago.  With Deepak showing up in my life here and there, I figured the tweet was a sign that I should attend his presentation. 

When I arrived at Kellogg and sat in the reserved section, I was met by two other gals.  “Are you @DeafMom?” they asked.  Are you “@kcole and @raelt?” I asked. 

Welcome to 2011, where folks are introduced and identified by their Twitter handles.  We settled in and listened to Deepak talk about the “Soul of Leadership.”  Cassie Moore, who is a friend of mine, was the interpreter for the evening.  Deepak shared the story of his mother and how she was the true leader of their family.  He also talked about synchronicity, how leaders are guided by signs and intuition– something that I have become more aware of in the last year. One thing that stood out: great leaders are authentic– they’re 100% themselves and they have stories to share– stories that others can connect with.  

At the book signing and reception, I was able to grab a few minutes with Deepak and ask him what he took away from the “Yes to Success” with Debra Poneman.  He had to laugh at first, because I was asking him to remember something that he attended over twenty years ago.

“What I remember from that was the importance of setting goals and accomplishing them.”


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  • I was at a morning presentation yesterday. You gotta hand it to the guy...he's a very engaging speaker. So do you think those shiny red shoes are a new fashion trend?

  • The red shoes are cute!

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