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Getting New Hearing Aids

Getting fitted for new Phonak hearing aids The old hearing aids that I had for the last several years just weren’t cutting it anymore.  On one ear, I was sporting a hearing aid with a missing battery cover. Every now and then during a volleyball game, we would have to stop the game and search... Read more »

A Tweet Leads to Deepak Chopra

“How many of you are here as a result from a tweet on Twitter?”  Deepak Chopra asked the audience at the Kellogg School of Management during his “Soul of Leadership” presentation. A couple of hands went up, including mine. Earlier in the week, Deepak sent out a tweet giving away reserved seats to his presentation.... Read more »

The Dog Behind the Doritos Pug Attack Commercial

Joann O’Connor sat glued to the TV during the Super Bowl.  Not only is the Wisconsin resident a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, but she was looking forward to watching the Doritos “Pug Attack” commercial.   Oko No No, the affable pug, belongs to her son Scott, who is an artist.  Joann’s daughter-in-law, Julieanne, (married to Scott’s... Read more »

You're Deaf? How Do You Use the Phone?

The question always comes up whenever I meet people for the first time and we exchange business cards.  “Call me,” I say.  There’s always a pause.  “If you’re deaf, how do you use the phone,” the brave ones ask. I don’t use a regular phone at my desk, I use a videophone from, a... Read more »

There's No Snow Day When You Work From Home

My kids are so excited about the upcoming snow day tomorrow.  For them, it means a day of lounging around and watching one meaningless TV show after another.  They plan to bake some cookies and perhaps play a few games.  I’ve got some cleaning chores for them to tackle and the middle kid has a... Read more »