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A Call to the Nursing Home

My 86-year-old father has been battling esophageal cancer for two years now.  Last week, an ambulance was called to bring him to the hospital. He was slowly losing the use of his hands and feet, until one day, he couldn’t walk.  The doctor had prescribed the wrong medicine and it was causing a reaction. Dad... Read more »

Dave Ramsey Show Co-Workers Lose 150 Pounds

Kristi McNaron works in the Customer Care department of Lampo Group, a company owned by Dave Ramsey, a best selling author and host of The Dave Ramsey Show.  She fields incoming calls and emails from people who have financial questions and provides resources and referrals. Every year, Dave challenges his Lampo Group team to a... Read more »

I'll Be the Only Chicagoan Not Watching the Bears

  I used to be a Bears fan. Many moons ago, when I was a young college student in love with a guy who adored football, I used to sit through hours of football games.  I don’t know if football rubbed off on me by osmosis or if I truly enjoyed the game, but I’m... Read more »

Going Deaf Was a Blessing

I was born with hearing in the so-called “normal” range.  I started losing my hearing in elementary school and received my first hearing aid when I was nine.  I hated the thing.  No one ever saw it, because I kept it hidden under my long hair, or stuffed in my pocket.  The hearing aid didn’t... Read more »