Bass University Comes to Chicago

Bass University Comes to Chicago


It is that time of the year when it’s a little too cold to sit in the boat and fish, yet not cold enough to get the auger out for ice fishing.  So what’s a fisherman to do?  Head over to Bass University on Saturday, December 4th and Sunday, December 5th at the Marriott Chicago O’Hare Hotel.

Bass University has a round-up of fishing pros covering a variety of topics:

Pete Gluszek (Dec.5) – Spinnerbait Secrets and Understanding Smallmouth Movements 

Mike Iaconelli (Dec. 4th only) – Finding Bass on New Bodies of Water and Football Head Jig Fishing         

Brent Ehrler (Dec. 5) –  Advanced Drop shotting and the Flick Shake Technique 

Mark Zona (Dec. 4th) – Tube jig techniques and Great lake Smallmouth Secrets

Byron Velvick – (Dec 5th) – Swimbait Basics and Advanced Swimbait Techniques 

Greg Hackney - (Dec. 4th) - Advanced Jig Fishing and Shallow Cranking

I had the honor of sitting with Pete Gluszek on the plane ride home this
afternoon. Pete left his engineering job fifteen years ago to pursue his
passion for fishing. He spends his days on the water, loving every minute
of it. "When you love what you do, it's not work--it's not a job," Pete

There's still time to register and attend Bass University-- just show up
tomorrow at seven a.m. and learn the fishing secrets from the pros.

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