Are You Growing Bolder?

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I was deep into writing one night and went to search for some information on Banana George for a book that I’m working on.  I came across a website that I had never seen before: Growing Bolder.

At first glance, it seemed to be a website geared toward… older… folks.  Baby boomers.  Folks who are 50 and older.  But I soon discovered that it is way more than that.  It’s about people who are reinventing themselves.  It’s about people who are pursuing passion-filled lives.  It’s about those who are pushing the envelope of what it means to lead vibrant, active, joy-filled lives–regardless of age.  Indeed, the motto at Growing Bolder states, “It’s not about age, it’s about attitude.”
Marc Middleton, the CEO of Growing Bolder, in his first post at the Huffington Post, Growing Bolder in 2011, It’s Not About Age. It’s About Attitude— he urges people to find their passion and pursue it:

Don’t wait for permission from our culture or inspiration from our
mainstream media to live the life you want. If you’re unhappy with your
life, it’s up to you to change. If you long for more, then go get it.
Quit waiting for a better life to find you and quit waiting for
permission to find it. Get off the couch and get into life. Happiness
is not about age. It’s about attitude.

That’s what Growing Bolder is all about.

I spent hours reading the stories.  Take a look at Iris Davis, the 66-year-old bodybuilder.  Yup, she’s in a bikini at 66 and she looks fabulous!   Then there’s Kay Glynn, a grandmother who figured her athletic career was over with– after all, it had been 30 years since she touched a track or pole-vaulted.  Go take a look– here she is pole-vaulting at the age of 56.  If you’re thinking of jumping out of a plane, then the video of a world record skydive of folks over 60 will excite you.

How many of us buy into the idea that when you grow older, you have to slow down and give in to the aging process?  That’s the belief that I pretty much  resigned myself to once I crossed the 40 threshold.  In fact, on my 44th birthday, I was looking back on my “younger” years with deep regret– wishing that I could do some of the things I used to do, like water skiing on my bare feet.  When 67-year-old Judy Myers came into my life, my entire outlook on aging was completely flipped around. On my 45th birthday, I didn’t spend the day crying, instead, I celebrated with a barefoot water ski run around the lake.

When it comes to growing older and crushing the stereotypes of ageism, Marc has this to say in his post:  “The most powerful weapon we have is the simple example of an ordinary person living an extra ordinary life. Be that person.”


Growing Bolder is featured on PBS WYCC in the Chicago area on Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. 

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