Tailgating at the Cubs vs. Brewers Game

Z Girls Tailgating


Eleven of us took off from Chicago and drove up to Miller Park for our first tailgating experience at the Cubs vs. Brewers game.  We thought we were pretty prepared.  We had spent the week before organizing the event and we made sure we had plenty of food and drinks.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and the weather was just perfect.  We quickly unloaded the tables and piled the food on top. We kicked back and soaked in the atmosphere, which included observing how others tailgated as well.  Some folks had pretty elaborate set-ups with full grills and gourmet food. Everywhere you turned, you’d find a beer in one hand and a bean bag in another.  Smiles and laughter floated around.  Of course, some of that was fueled by the beer that was constantly lifted from coolers.

After about an hour of gabbing, we realized that we had to get started with cooking or we’d miss the game. And we quickly realized that we overlooked the most essential part of tailgating: make sure your grill starts.  We managed to get only one burner going out of four.

“What are we going to do now?” one of the gals asked.  We had chicken tenderloins and a pile of brats sitting nearby as well as a mess of corn.  How were we going to cook all of that with one tiny burner?

We soon discovered that the folks from Milwaukee are a nice bunch.  The party next to us lent us charcoal and we filled an aluminum pan with the brickets and lit them up. The chicken went into another pan on top of the makeshift grill with brats on the other half. We cooked the other half of the brats on the single working burner. The corn was tossed on someone else’s grill after they finished using it.

Despite our rough start, we ended up with a delicious dinner.  We laughed, and gabbed, and shared stories.  By the time we cleaned up and walked to the stadium, the game had already started.  Our seats were in the last row at the very top, but we didn’t stay in our seats for long.  We found ourselves at the club section, courtesy of an employee who knew American Sign Language. Ironically, we saw the rest of the game on the club TV.

“We could have watched the game on TV at home,” one of the gals observed.

“Yeah, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun!” 


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