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Barefooting on Cedar Lake

Dan Tanis at Footstock “Footin’ fool female…” the message from Dan Tanis began.  I had no clue who Dan Tanis was when he reached out on Facebook, but the rest of his message made me smile at how we ended up connected. I had posted a picture that I took at a recent Footstock barefoot... Read more »

Tailgating at the Cubs vs. Brewers Game

  Eleven of us took off from Chicago and drove up to Miller Park for our first tailgating experience at the Cubs vs. Brewers game.  We thought we were pretty prepared.  We had spent the week before organizing the event and we made sure we had plenty of food and drinks. It was a beautiful,... Read more »

Football Season Begins, So Does Widowhood

Apparently there’s a football game on tonight.  The only reason I know this is because I asked my oldest if he wanted to go work out with me tonight.  He looked at me with an incredulous look on his face. “I can’t Mom, football starts tonight!” Ah, the official NFL season has begun. And so... Read more »

Walking the Garden of the Gods in Silence

The beauty was breathtaking. Our busload of Association of Late-Deafened Adults arrived at the Garden of the Gods and we scrambled down the stairs to grab our 45 minutes of nature.  I walked with Tina Childress, a friend of mine from Illinois.  Tina and I served together on the board of lllinois Hands & Voices... Read more »