ItGMa Pt. 2 (Furcifer)


…..the new rapper to enter our iO show that was a mixture of improv comedy, live band and freestyle that turned into an artistic musical comedy with even choreography; believed that some stupid hashtag joke was a real thing. #BelovedGang, just to symbolize that this click wasn’t just a cast in a show.

“That’s not real Dan, it’s a joke”, he smirked, extended his hand and decreed. “Not anymore”(we did the click’s signature shake, three fingers interlocked,thumb high with the index pointing at the other insinuating”You’re the man”, but the finger pointing back at is saying, “Nah, you’re the man”) from them on and put this on my soul, it wasn’t.

From there this already large cast seem to party together more, before the shows, after the shows, damn sure during the shows. Spending time around each other outside of the theater, casting each other in projects that had nothing to do with iO Chicago. Then all of sudden, more friends of ours began showing up to the one time Saturday night free for all, that became an evening of fellowship and family.

I was very intrigued to see where this was going, as the cast grew…and the crew grew even larger. All of sudden, our backstage area was full of painters, musical producers, video editors/directors, musicians, actors, writers, rappers, photographers, stand up comedians and of course imporvisers(like actors but can do their thing script-less).

One evening after a show I watched over 20 something people immersed in conversation and laughter thinking…

“I’ll be damned, Dan ChoreBoy Rahrig was right, this is no longer for play-play, it’s on the 4really”.

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