#ItGMa Pt.1

It was the fall of 2014 and I was being a real shit bird on social media about how much I loved running with my friends in our late night show, Bastards Of The Underground, Featuring Jamprov. It was an improv show with a live band(rappers included) accompaniment, that transformed the ol make em ups into a musical, every Saturday night at midnight. Of course the after party was all kinds of “turned” and it was nothing but good friends fucking off for the culture. Every post I did online, I’d hashtag BelovedGang, like that was the name of our crew. Like it was more than an improv show, it was a click, we all laughed about it, made a handshake and didn’t really pay attention to the affect it was having on the scene around us.

Then we lost one of the rappers in the band and who came in, changed everything. He saw what we were doing as a goof…as a movement and honestly his job was to make us believe. He pulled me aside one evening “That BeloevedGang shit is dope” now I was confused, because I just did a stupid hashtag to symbolize this was what our lil click was, but for play-play, not on the for really.

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