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I Survived Thankgiving

It used to be that the holidays were a time of gluttony.  I would get more excited about food at holiday parties more than anything.  I would eat until my belly was an actual bowl of jelly.  There was no such thing as enough.  Unless it was “not enough”. This time around is different.  I... Read more »

The Winey Diabetic

I remember in my younger years as a irresponsible diabetic I would party like a rock star.  It was a given that at least once a weekend I would drink the night away with some friends.  The worst that would happen is that I might vomit.  I never had it adversely affect my diabetes, well... Read more »

Early Morning Panic

I hate waking in the wee morning hours and feeling hypoglycemic.   I have to roll out of bed and interrupt my sleepy dreams of Zooey Dechanel and check my blood. Then, of course it is low, like last night it was super low.  I panicked because I needed to fix it but I also wanted... Read more »

Diabetic Friendly Halloween

I lucked out because I was already in my Halloween swan song when I was diagnosed as diabetic.  Yes, I still a couple of years of no candy.   Not many people have diabetic friendly fare at the ready for diabetic trick-or-treaters.  It is such a cruel cruel world for us to endure.  I decided to... Read more »

HBa1c The Test I Cannot Study For.

Today I get the results of another HBa1c test.  My last score was 8.3%.  My only hope and expectation is that I will at least be in the 7’s.  For those of us that are Pixie fans, you know that GAAAHHHHHHD is seven.  I feel pretty good about the test, not nearly as nervous as... Read more »

Rude Awakening

I can tell you one thing for certain.  Diabetes provides you with just the worst wakeup call ever.  So many nights in my diabetic life I have woken up sweating and disoriented.  A sign of low blood sugar, my unwanted midnight alarm. It never happens when I am falling asleep, nope, it hits right in... Read more »

Diabetic Follies: Part 3

When I was around the age of 18 and a registered voter I began to get postcards from the military.   I could get free stuff like a mini flash light.  I mean seriously there is no such thing as a cool 18 year old without a mini flashlight. All I had to do was fill... Read more »

Steroids, Bad For Diabetes, but Wonders For My Psoriasis. A New Conundrum.

Steroids, Bad For Diabetes, but Wonders For My Psoriasis.  A New Conundrum.
I am sure I have mentioned here before I have been afflicted with a litany of diseases.   I have had cancer, have diabetes and I also have psoriasis.  Out of all of them I think I hate psoriasis the most, I suppose I am a bit vain but my outward appearance is very important to... Read more »

Hoarding: The Diabetic Way.

I was hanging out with my friend Crystal last night and we had an odd slumber party of sorts.  We ended up watching “Hoarding: Buried Alive” with her husband Jeff and there was a diabetic connection. One of the hoarders was a diabetic and had loads of insulin filled pens in her fridge.  There were... Read more »

Going Carb-less to Treat Diabetes

As I mentioned last week I was injected with steroids for hip bursitis.  I swear sometimes a higher power has it out for me, anyway, if you have ever been on steroids and are diabetic you know how they raise the blood levels.  I knew this going in but the pain was so unbearable I... Read more »
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