The Winey Diabetic

I remember in my younger years as a irresponsible diabetic I would party like a rock star.  It was a given that at least once a weekend I would drink the night away with some friends.  The worst that would happen is that I might vomit.  I never had it adversely affect my diabetes, well at least I never noticed.

A couple of weeks ago I went to my friend’s house.  I will admit I missed drinking wine the last time I drank was last year some time.  I am a wine fan and I figured I could handle a couple of glasses.  So I indulged and felt good about it.  It was a fun night of laughter and making fun of an awful movie.

Then a couple hours later I started to feel awful.  I felt dizzy and light headed, I was either drunk or hypoglycemic.  It was scary not knowing by how I felt.  I decided to check my blood glucose, and yeah I was low, way low.  I did what I had to do to fix the situation and of course I stopped drinking.

I learned the difference between now and then was that my blood glucose was so out of whack when I was not taking care of myself that maybe I could not feel the diabetes related symptoms.  When I reflected on it the following day I wondered how many times I played with fire.  I know it will not be my last time with a drink but I also know I need to learn and find out how other diabetics go about drinking.  Maybe I need to adjust my pump or turn it off for a little while I drink.

Maybe I need to go on a bender full of trial and error then write it off on my taxes for the sake of this blog.  Do you see what I am willing to do for the sake of this blog?  I am kidding I will not do that but it is just another learning experience.  I will learn something new for the rest of my life and I am excited.

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