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I Survived Thankgiving

It used to be that the holidays were a time of gluttony.  I would get more excited about food at holiday parties more than anything.  I would eat until my belly was an actual bowl of jelly.  There was no such thing as enough.  Unless it was “not enough”. This time around is different.  I... Read more »

The Winey Diabetic

I remember in my younger years as a irresponsible diabetic I would party like a rock star.  It was a given that at least once a weekend I would drink the night away with some friends.  The worst that would happen is that I might vomit.  I never had it adversely affect my diabetes, well... Read more »

Early Morning Panic

I hate waking in the wee morning hours and feeling hypoglycemic.   I have to roll out of bed and interrupt my sleepy dreams of Zooey Dechanel and check my blood. Then, of course it is low, like last night it was super low.  I panicked because I needed to fix it but I also wanted... Read more »
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