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Diabetic Friendly Halloween

I lucked out because I was already in my Halloween swan song when I was diagnosed as diabetic.  Yes, I still a couple of years of no candy.   Not many people have diabetic friendly fare at the ready for diabetic trick-or-treaters.  It is such a cruel cruel world for us to endure.  I decided to... Read more »

Test result

My.last hb test was 8.3, yesterday it was 7.0.  I am not yet perfect but I have come a long way.

HBa1c The Test I Cannot Study For.

Today I get the results of another HBa1c test.  My last score was 8.3%.  My only hope and expectation is that I will at least be in the 7’s.  For those of us that are Pixie fans, you know that GAAAHHHHHHD is seven.  I feel pretty good about the test, not nearly as nervous as... Read more »

Rude Awakening

I can tell you one thing for certain.  Diabetes provides you with just the worst wakeup call ever.  So many nights in my diabetic life I have woken up sweating and disoriented.  A sign of low blood sugar, my unwanted midnight alarm. It never happens when I am falling asleep, nope, it hits right in... Read more »

Diabetic Follies: Part 3

When I was around the age of 18 and a registered voter I began to get postcards from the military.   I could get free stuff like a mini flash light.  I mean seriously there is no such thing as a cool 18 year old without a mini flashlight. All I had to do was fill... Read more »

Steroids, Bad For Diabetes, but Wonders For My Psoriasis. A New Conundrum.

Steroids, Bad For Diabetes, but Wonders For My Psoriasis.  A New Conundrum.
I am sure I have mentioned here before I have been afflicted with a litany of diseases.   I have had cancer, have diabetes and I also have psoriasis.  Out of all of them I think I hate psoriasis the most, I suppose I am a bit vain but my outward appearance is very important to... Read more »
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