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Info About Diabetic Screenings at Sam's Club

If diabetes runs in your family or if you have heard from doctors that you might be at risk for diabetics, you might want to go to Sam’s Club on September 8th from 11am to 3pm for a diabetes screening.   You can get a glucose reading, A1C test and blood pressure check.  If cost has... Read more »

My Pump Still Frustrates Me.

Sometimes my pump can be frustrating even though I have had it for months now.  Just a couple of days ago it was time to switch out my pump.  As I mentioned here before the pump site has to be a fatty area.  This leaves me with very few choices, which means that I have... Read more »

Gluten allergy, meet diabetes.

I am diabetic, she has a gluten allergy, a perfect match.  I have started dating someone with a gluten allergy, mix that in with my diet and dinner conversations turn into “well what CAN you eat?”  I invited her over for dinner on Friday night and knew chicken was safe but did not know what... Read more »

My diabetic glam life

The life of a diabetic is super glamorous and exciting.  I mean who doesn’t love checking then double checking and maybe triple checking carb amounts I food.  Then apologizing to your friends because you take forever on deciding on what you will splurge on. Then of course there is the waking up in the middle... Read more »

Here, fishy fishy...

I remember when I was a kid one food I absolutely refused to eat or even taste was fish.  Although I was fine eating fish sticks, adding truth to the old adage that anything breaded is magnificent.  I cannot imagine eating fish sticks again, blech. Now that I am adult-ish I have taken a liking... Read more »

The teetotaler's lament

I am willing to admit to this fact, sometimes I miss drinking.  I am not an alcoholic, I do not need to drink but I miss it in the social setting.  As a comedian part of and sometimes the only payment is a free drink or two from the bar.  My free drinks are soda... Read more »

C is for cookie

I beginning to love my diabetic life, it is true.  What once seemed like a rough life is now manageable.  I am not saying I feel this way every day but recently I have been experimenting and getting out of my comfort zone by eating something that most people take for granted, cookies. I know... Read more »

Insulin vs. iPad: My struggle

I think one of the most difficult hurdles for diabetics is affording healthcare.   Sure it might be easy for those with health insurance provided by work, but what about those without?  I have health insurance through work but my prescription is through a paid prescription card.  This means a little comes out of my check... Read more »

Saving myself for cheesecake

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life without the effects on your blood glucose or weight what would it be?  This is going to be a fantastical post one of whim and desire.   I am curious to see how others will answer. For me it would be cheesecake, there... Read more »

Almond: Food of wonder

I may have a light addiction, I cannot get enough almonds.  Yes I am aware of their high fat count but I cannot get enough.  Anything almond related I wish to consume.  My addiction makes me break into Yoda talk. Sorry Anyway, back to my point, almond milk, almond butter, or just good old fashioned... Read more »
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