Very superstitious...

I had a different article planned for today, and then I realized it is Friday the 13th.  No, Jason Voorhees was not diabetic, well not as far as I know.  I suppose it would have been an interesting story line, he was just angry because the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake were hoarding all of the insulin and he was running high.

It did get me thinking about my own sub conscious diabetic superstitions.  I was thinking about the fact that as much as I try, I have fingers that I favor.  They are like figurative geysers of blood for testing.  They are on my left hand and usually the pointer or middle finger.  Maybe the latter so I can tell some people how I feel about them in an innocent looking way.

Even when I am changing out my pump, I still need to follow instructions.  Even though I know how to switch it out, I need the security.  When I am preparing my meals I check, double check, and triple check the carbs.  I just want to be sure I am counting and adding correctly.

I do not consider myself superstitious, though some things have been pointed out to me.  An example is that before a show I check my set list about 5 or 6 times.  As if there will be new jokes in there written by Louis CK.  I also thumb the pages nervously and tap my feet as my time on stage approaches.  I wonder if other diabetics have superstitions like mine.  Let me know I am truly curious.

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