Pie in the sky

In order to really learn how to live with this disease, I have to take some risks.  Over the last 4 months I have stayed away from any kind of sugary desserts and snacks.   I was just playing it safe because I do not want to lose everything I have worked so hard for.

Last night I went to a gathering on roof to take in the fireworks over the Lake Michigan.  These people are some of my closest friends and a pie eating contest is an inside story.  Last night we decided to recreate the event again with only 2 pies.  That is certainly less than the amount of pies as required by the officiating board of pie eating contests but it is what we had.

The pie eating contest participants: Jessica, Mike, and Anais, featuring me as the handsome photographer

They asked if I wanted to participate, I declined of course, but I did say that I would eat a piece of pie.  I just needed to know the carb amounts in one slice.  I checked it out, it was 49 not terrible carbs and so I plugged it into the pump and soaked up the insulin.  I ate my piece of pie and by “ate’ I mean I smashed it.

I checked my blood glucose a couple of hours after and it was a little high, 247, but I took insulin to take care of the high.  I woke up this morning and tested before breakfast.  It was 104 so even though I experimented a bit I was able to get back down to normal.  This was big step for me and I really love my pump.

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  • Go you! Glad you were able to stay in check.

  • Thanks, David, I hope you had a good holiday

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